Sunday, December 21, 2008

SNOW! Glorious snow!!!!

Haa Roo Everypup, kitty & hammie!

We got SNOW here in Connecticut! It started on Friday, stopped for awhile yesterday and has been snowing all day today. We had about 10 inches on the ground on Friday night and we got another 4 or 5 inches today! Yes, we are sled dogs, but this is actually too much snow for us to go running in--can you imagine that!? We did go out last weekend and ran with the wheels. Mom broke us into 2 teams so that we all got to run. I ran with my daddy dog Dave and Jasmine. We did a real nice 4 mile run. It
felt real good to be back in harness again! And I really enjoyed the ride home--snuggled under a
blanket next to Mom. Hmmm...the lettering just changed, but at least the pictures loaded! The first one is looking out the front porch on Friday night. Look at that snow coming down! The next one is Mom's truck (and OUR dog box) yesterday. There is almost that much snow on it again today!
Next up, is looking toward the kennel. The path to the kennel is between those 2 boxes and UNDER those snow covered hemlocks!
Don't you love the picture of Jasmine (in mid shake), my daddy dog Dave (the handsome mostly black dog) and Blaze? They were really enjoying the snow.
The last picture is Lakota. You can tell he had his snooter in the snow because Mom caught him with a snow nose! If you look in the background, you can tell he made some yellow snow! hee hee!
Mom has to go dig the truck out again tonight, but I
asked her to put these pictures up first! Last night she
was too tired to do it after digging out both the truck
and the car. I hope all of you that got snow are getting
to enjoy it. We had hoped to go sledding today, but
Mom believes in safety first and with the storm going
on all day and the possiblity of ice, she decided it was
better to stay home and be safe. Besides, with this
much snow, her truck probably could not make the
hill into the forest! So we will wait (again) and hope
there is still snow to run on next weekend! Mom and
her friend Tom put new rails & plastic runners on the
sled, so we are READY as soon as the weather co-
operates! In the meantime, we will enjoy the snow--
playing in it together and playing "catch snow" with
Mom. Everyone be safe and have a very Merry
Christmas! Hope Santa brings you all lots of new toys
and yummy treats!
Love and Happy Husky Howls!
Skye and all the Moondance Huskies and Kitties

Saturday, November 1, 2008

HOWL-oween plus 1 & I'm BACK!!

Hi Everypup, kitty and hammie!

Hope you all had a safe and Happy HOWL-oween! I have SO missed blogging, but there has been a lot going on here which I will fill you all in on. My dear, sweet Grandpa passed away at the end of July and Mom & I have been very sad. I want to thank all of you who sent us fabric squares. Mom is making the quilt and says it will be a healing quilt celebrating Grandpa's life and showing the love of the DWB family.

Now to happier things, Mom gave me TWO new toys for HOWL-oween and they both have black cats!! We had a lot of cute Trick-or-Treaters last night and Diana and I let Mom know when they arrived and supervised giving out the treats. Mom said we were a big help and gave me a nice dog cookie as a reward....NO CANDY for me!!
Everyone in Mom's office dressed up yesterday and one of the ladies took a picture of Mom. That is a black cat toy on her shoulder and she is holding a crystal ball. She looked really pretty. She said one office dressed up as characters from the "Wizard of Oz".
As you all know, we are working sled dogs here, but here it is, November 1 and it is 60 degrees outside! We are all anxious to get out and start running. It is supposed to be in the 30's tonight so maybe tomorrow....... I will let you all know!
There is a lot more to tell you all, but I am going have to do it a little at a time. I am just really glad to be back and look forward to catching up on reading your blogs and hearing from all of you.
Again, thank you all for sending fabric squares....if anyone else wants to participate, you certainly can.
Love & licks to all of you!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Position is Everything.....

Greetings Every Pup, Kitty and Girl Girl!
Hope you all had a nice Fourth of July with NOT too many annoying fireworks! Unfortunately, there were lots of silly humans setting off fireworks near our house, so Mom gave us all some valerian root to help calm us. sure didn't work for Blaze! He was barking for most of the evening, but what's a dog to do???
It has been raining a lot here so there has not been much to do. I decided to show some pictures of us just relaxing. There is a saying that "position is everything"....well, hope you enjoy OUR positions!
The first one is me and my favorite kitty sister, Misty. We like to curl up together on mom's bed.
The next one is Diana, one of my other kitty sisters. Doesn't she look comfy on that faux fur throw? The colors match HER colors haa roo! The next two are Lakota, showing us how to do the "twist". Personally, I don't know HOW he can be comfortable like that!
The last picture is Merlin. He is one of our Auntie Kat's kitties. He and his brother are Ragdoll cats.
Here he is showing his favorite yoga/sleep position. Hope you all have a quiet weekend!

I am going to stretch out on my bed for a nap.
Play bows,

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Velvet's Gotcha Day plus 2

Good Morning everypup!
I am going to turn over the blog to Velvet today. Thursday was her "Gotcha Day". We decided not to post on Thursday because we were all so saddened by Baby Love's passing. We all wish her godspeed and much joy as a healthy dog at the Bridge. Soft woo's to Baby Love, Skye

Hi Everypup!
My name is Velvet. I am a girl Alaskan husky about 4 years old. I was born in Alaska and lived there until last year. On January 31, 2007 I was dropped off at the Fairbanks Animal Shelter. I don't know why. The people at the shelter were very nice to me. There is a very nice group of people who call themselves the "Second Chance League" who work with the shelter to help find homes for dogs like me. They took me running and included what they thought of me in my "bio". In March, I was lucky enough to go into foster care with a wonderful lady named Miriam. Foster care is a great place to be until you find your forever home because you don't have to worry about being put to sleep and you are in a loving home instead of at the shelter. Mom read my story on the shelter website and contacted Miriam to learn more about me. Well, I was a perfect fit for everything Mom needed, so she had Miriam adopt me. I was to live with her until travel arrangements could be made. Originally, the plans were to have me travel in October.....however...I was lucky enough to have them find someone travelling East in June!! Mom got an e-mail saying that I would be arriving in Boston on June 26, 2007!! Oh my dogness, she had to quickly get things ready for me and get time off to go get me. She did it and early in the morning on June 26, 2007, I met my forever Mom! I was reallly tired after my 12 hour airplane ride, so I slept all the way back to Connecticut. When we got here Mom took me out to the kennel to meet my new family. One of the dogs was barking at me a lot and it scared me, but Mom told me it would be OK. She put me next to Dave, who came over and quietly greeted me. I knew then that I was safe and had truly found my forever home. Living here has been wonderful! Mom takes us running every weekend in the fall & winter and the kennel is shady in the warm weather. She takes real good care of us and gives us lots of love. Here are some pictures of me. The first one was taken shortly after I arrived here. The second one was taken at Cockaponsett State Forest where we go running. That is me with my buddies shortly after a run. Next one was taken at a school demo this spring. I love meeting all the little bipeds! The last two pictures were taken recently. As you can see, I put on some weight since arriving here and Mom decided I needed to be on a "diet". Hmmmm....I am getting some different food, but it is really good, so I guess that is OK. I can't believe it has been a whole YEAR since I got here! I love living here. I want to thank the humans at the Fairbanks, Alaska shelter, Carol from Second Chance League for running me and to Miriam for being my foster Mom and getting me to my furever home! Also a thank you to the nice couple who escorted me from Alaska to Boston so I could come here so much sooner! Most of all, I want to thank my Mom for taking a chance on me. She made her decision without having the opportunity to meet me in person. I promise you I will never let you down! I love you Mom! Thanks for adopting me!
Love & Licks,

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Goodie Exchange, Part 2

Greetings again!
Here are some more pictures from yesterday's fun! First we have Lakota checking out the box of goodies...hmmm, what shall I have first???
Next we are out in the kennel. Dave is licking his chops in anticipation of getting a wonderful treat.
He loved the beef strip that Aunt Kat gave him, as you can see! Next it was Jasmine's turn and she got a yummy beef strip too!! She was very happy.
The last picture is Becky. She just got her peanut butter sandwich cookie. I can't wait til I get try one of those!!
I sure hope everyone enjoyed their Goodie Exchange treats as much as we did. Thanks again Butchy and Snickers AND to Chef and Mr. T-Bone Beasley for coming up with the idea!

Happy husky howls to all,
Skye and all the Moondance Huskies


Haa Roo Everypup!!!
First of all, I want to thank Rocky and Sitka for "checking" on me. Everything is OK here. Mom's back was hurting her, so she was not able to sit at the computer and take my dictation. Also the weather here has been horrible! Very hot and then constant rain! Our Goodie Exchange package arrived safely, but Mom would not let me open it until ALL of us could enjoy it. And yesterday was that day! Our Aunt Kat gave out the treats so that Mom could take pictures. The first picture is of me sampling a yummy beef strip from Butchy & Snickers' package. There were all kinds of cookies and a really nice card from them. The next picture is Aunt Kat with Lakota. See how nicely we take cookies?

Next up is Angel gently taking a Paul Newman chicken flavored cookie. The last picture is Blaze. As you can see, he is trying VERY hard to help Aunt Kat decide which kind of cookie he should sample. He thought that if he did a nice "sit" he would get more than one! LOL!
Mom got a few more pictures, but the site only let us put four of them up. We will try to do a "Part 2" with those pictures.
Butchy and Snickers, THANK WOOO so much for the yummy goodies! We will be enjoying them for some time! We really enjoyed being part of the Goodie Exchange and hope we get to do it again.
Also I will certainly try to make sure Mom gets back to posting as close to daily as possible.
Thank you all my DWB friends!!!
Love & Happy howls,
Skye and all the Moondance Huskies

Monday, May 26, 2008

Angel & Lakota's "Gotcha" Day

Haa roo Everypup
Today is Angel & Lakota's Gotcha Day, so I am turning over the blog to Angel so she can tell you their story.
Happy Memorial Day!
Greetings Everypup!

Thank you to Skye for letting me have this opportunity to share my "Gotcha" story with you. Three years ago, Lakota and I were rescued from an abuse situation in Maine. We had been starved. Twelve of us were saved. Sadly, eighteen dogs perished, including my sister, Skye's mom and all of her brothers and sisters. We were taken to the
Central Aroostook Humane Society in Presque Isle, Maine. There we were gently nursed back to health. Lakota was the first one of our group to be adopted. Mom had been speaking to a nice lady at the Humane Society and arranged to come up to adopt me after I had some surgery. One week before she was to come up, Lakota was returned to the shelter. The lady that Mom had contacted asked her if she would be interested in adopting another dog. Mom was very surprised, because on their last phone call, everyone had been adopted! The shelter wanted Lakota to go to a good home with someone who understood huskies. Mom decided that YES, she would take Lakota too. Mom had to drive ten hours to get there from Connecticut. She drove up the day before so that she could be at the shelter first thing in the morning. She met the nice lady at the shelter and spent some time talking to her. FINALLY they came to the kennel area. I saw her and I was SO excited I jumped up in the air and started doing a very happy husky dance! The shelter lady said that they had not seen me that happy in the entire time I had been there. They let us out in the play yard for a little while before we left. I was a little afraid to get in the car because the last time I went in a car, I went to the vet and came back with a sore tummy!
Mom convinced me that it was OK, so I got in and stretched out across the back seat of the car...nice and comfy! Lakota tried to sit back there too, but he ended up riding in the front seat because I was not giving him any room. It was a long drive back to Connecticut in the rain. Mom did not put us out in the kennel right away, but when she did, I was very happy to meet my new kennel and team mates. Lakota did not like being in the kennel--he becomes a whiney hiney after about an hour, so Mom made a special place for him right off the back porch.
The past three years have been absolutely wonderful! I do remember going to the vet shortly after I got here to get my stitches out and he told me "No one will ever hurt you again!" and he was right!
Mom loves us and takes such good care of us. I proudly run lead for her team. I love her so much for adopting me and giving me a wonderful home. I know Lakota feels the same way. We hope to be here with Mom for many years to come.
The first pictures are of me, relaxing next to my house and then just after doing a happy dance and howl. The other picture is Lakota, hamming for the camera (Stormy from the Ao4 would be proud of
him haa roo!)
Mom gave us Frosty Paws this afternoon as part of our Gotcha Day celebration. I made her hand feed me mine, so she ended up with....Frosty Fingers! hee hee She promised us extra cookies after supper.
Happy Memorial Day to everypup...hope you all get a special treat!
Happy husky howls!
Angel and Lakota

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dave's Barkday and the Sleepover

Haaroo Everypup!
Hope you all had a good weekend. Yesterday was Dave's Barkday! He is now 9 years old, but he sure does not act it. Mom gave everyone extra cookies at breakfast and dinner. She said we will probably have Frosty Paws next weekend to really celebrate! Oh my dog! I LOVE Frosty Paws!! Mom gave Dave a nice massage last night after supper--he really liked that! She even massaged his feety feet and finished off with a tummy rub. Talk about lucky!
Now for a bit of "catching up". Our Auntie Kat stayed over our house a few weekends ago. She loves all of us and likes to spoil us a little. She gives the kitties canned food and I always get to "steal" some. She let Lakota in the house as you can see, he jumped right up on the bed with us!
He snuggled with Auntie Kat and gave her lots of kisses. I was trying to be very good and ladylike. Lakota was just being goofy! Sorry about the two pictures that are almost the same....Mom put the wrong one in! Oh well, she tries.
After Lakota went back outside, I got to share some cheese and fruit--very yummy!
Well, I am going to head off to bed. Let's all keep our fellow DWB member Tasha in our prayers and hope for some good news on her tests.
Love & Licks,

Monday, May 12, 2008

Tribute to Kira

Haa roo everypup!
Today my post is a tribute to my angel sister Kira. Kira was born on May 12, 1989. Mom adopted her early in 1992 along with Kira's best friend, Moon. Mom did not know it then, but adopting Kira and Moon would change her life. They are the reason she got involved in dog sledding, even though it was not something she planned on. If it were not for Kira and Moon, I would not be here to share the story with you. Kira was mom's main leader and a teacher for many other dogs for a long time. She also accompanied mom into the classrooms on many school visits. She was a very happy dog, always the cheerleader of the team. She would be telling mom to take her out again right after getting back from a run. She was also the leader of the songs and she had the most wonderful howl!! She was a dog that everyone who met loved immediately. She accepted me right away,

even thought I was a playful puppy. She taught me how to be a good girl in the house and that if I was nice to the kitties they would be nice to least MOST of the time! Kira was not feeling well in fall of 2001 and had to have surgery.
She had cancer in her liver. Our vet was able to remove it and it turned out to be a cancer that does not usually spread. Kira lived for almost 3 years after that. She left us for North of the Rainbow Bridge on August 30, 2004 while mom held her. Mom still misses her.
These pictures celebrate her wonderful life.
Kira is the beautiful girl in lead on the left. Her best friend Moon is next to her. Amber and Raven, who were sisters, are behind them.
This picture is Kira, Mom, and Moon.
The next one is Kira and Moon running lead with our uncle Tom on the runners.
I love the picture of Kira celebrating life with a full, beautiful howl.
Doesn't Kira look cool in her bandana and bow? She and the team had just come home from a demo at a vet's office promoting good dog care.
The last picture is Kira and Amber coming in from a run with Mom on the wheeled rig. I think you can all tell what a happy dog she was.
Happy Birthday Kira! We will always love you and never forget you.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stuffie Appreciation Day

Haa rooo Everypup!

Sorry I have not posted in awhile. My "secretary", aka mom, says she has been busy. I needed to sit on her and tell her we had work to do!

I learned that today is Stuffie Appreciation Day...well that is CERTAINLY a day I want to celebrate! Here is a picture of me with most of my stuffies. The big ram in front of me on the left is my very first stuffie toy. I picked that one out myself. Do you see something black in the front on the right? Well, that is Starr, the kitty who chases me! You can't see her face, just her tail & butt.(hee hee)
I want to share that I had a wonderful time at the Chat Pawty! I enjoyed meeting so many of you and making new friends! I look forward to reading your blogs and chatting with you again.
So...I will be playing catch up . I have pics and stories to share, but need to go curl up with my stuffies---after all, it is the day to appreciate them! Enjoy yours too!!
Love and play bows,

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Woo Woo Everypup!

I have been reading the wonderful comments left by my all my new friends are realized that I forgot to put a bit of information in way back in my first blog. I am a girl dog. Until I read Khrya and Dave's comments I did not realize there was a case of "mistaken identity"! I am SO sorry! Mom named me after the main lady character in a romance novel.

I think it is really cool that we have 2 Daves. I know another Amber--she is a red and white SiberMal who is part of our running group. My mom had an Amber in her "Original Five", which was her very first team. One of her leaders was Kira. Khyra--How do you pronounce your name?????

The picture on the left is Kira. The one on the right is Kira and Moon. These ladies were mom's main leaders. The picture on the right was taken at a school demo. They taught me a lot when I was a puppy. One of the things they taught me was that kitties are NOT squeaky toys and that if I made them squeak, mom would not be happy! (LOL) Soooo, I am VERY good to my kitties. Well, I have to admit, I would like to make Starr squeak--but that is because she always hisses, swats and chases me down the hall!! In fact, she is coming after me now!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Puppy pic, Dave & Frosty Paws

Haroo Everypup,

Well, I told you I would try to post a picture of me when I was a puppy and here it is. It was taken on the very first time I went outdoors. The grass felt really funny, but it was lots of fun.

The next picture is of my daddy dog, Dave. This is especially for my new friend Dave from the Ao4.

My dad was rescued in Vermont. The very nice ACO put pictures of all the dogs on a website. My mom saw his picture and just knew he needed to come to live with her. She knew his name would be Dave as soon as she saw his picture. He came to live with mom in June, 2002. He runs wheel on our team although he has run lead in a race. He has a wonderful, friendly personality and all of us love him very much. He welcomed Velvet and Jasmine when they arrived, which helped them relax after their long trips.

I don't look much like him, but mom said I inherited his voice (very loud) and his great work ethic.

Mom gave us our special treat was "Frosty Paws" which is like ice cream for dogs. Here I am enjoying mine. Mine was peanut butter flavor and it was really good! I told mom that if anyone didn't want theirs, I would eat it for them. So far, that has not happened. I was taking a nap on mom's bed (before she was able to put new sheets on it) when she brought me my treat. I was so comfortable that I just asked her to let me eat it right there and she did! Guess I have her pretty well trained, huh??
Hope everypup had a fun weekend.
Birthdays sure are fun!
Play bows,

Friday, April 11, 2008

Yesterday was MY Special Day!

April 11, 2008

HaaRoo Everypup!

Yesterday was a special day was my fifth birthday! My human mom said she remembers the day I was born and going to see me that very day. She said she will try to find some of my puppy pictures so I can share them here.

She got a special treat for me--LIVERGREAT! She gave me a nice big slice of it AND a cookie!

This is me waiting for my livergreat.

She also got me a neat new toy. It is a mallard duck and it QUACKS!! I played with it all evening and all day today. Isn't it cool?

Mom told me she has another treat for me and all my brothers & sisters and that we will get that this weekend. I will let you all know what we get.

Well, I am going to go play with my duck. Catch you all tomorrow!

Play bows,

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Computer Problems

Hi Everypup!
Wow! It is good to be back on line. Mom's computer crashed (I had nothing to do with it!!) and she had to take it to a friend of her's to get it fixed. She says there is still some information missing, but it is working and I am able to blog again.
We did another school demo recently, but Mom was not able to get any pictures. There was a reporter and photographer there and there is supposed to be an article in the weekly paper. They are supposed to send us a copy and I will let you all know what they have to say. It was pretty warm, so Mom only let Angel, Jasmine and Dave take the teacher for one run around the field. She did let the reporter take them out a short distance too. Jasmine dug a big hole in the wood chips to lie in. She sent chips flying all over everyone! The students had lots of fun meeting all of us and giving us lots of pets. Of course, we were all on our best behavior.
Mom took us out to the forest last Sunday to run. We knew it may be our last run of the season, so we made sure we all ran real good. Lakota and Blaze ran with Mom's friend Tom's team. Lakota always runs with them because he got hit by a car and cannot run fast enough to keep up with my team. Blaze ran with them because they needed a good leader and he was more than willing to help out. Mom ran Angel and Jasmine in lead, Velvet in swing, me in team and Dave in wheel. We had a WONDERFUL four mile run. We did it in about 30 minutes and that was with a break out at the lake which is 2 miles out. We went right past all the other dogs when we got back and went right up to where we get tied out. Mom was very happy and so were we. We really love running with her. She takes good care of us and we like to make her happy. We like going to the forest because the humans always have a cookout and we always get something extra special. They bake sweet potatoes in the fire and those are SOOOOO GOOD!!
Thinking about sweet potatoes is making me hungry....I think I will go see what Mom is making for supper!
Husky howls to all!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

School Demo!

March 12, 2008
Hi Everypup!

We had a really fun and exciting morning today...our Mom took us to school to meet the students and teach them about dogsledding and dog care! All the nice snow melted, so we had to use the wheeled rig. We don't care as long as we get to run, but the sled on the snow IS more fun!

The little humans came out and Mom hooked up Angel, Jasmine and Velvet. Well, silly Angel did not want to run! She said there were too many other good smells to sniff! Mom did get them to do one run, then FINALLY listened to me. I was trying very hard to tell her to hook up me and my dad, Dave. She did and we showed everyone exactly how sled dogs run!!! We took one of the teachers for the ride and she said it was great! Mom was very happy with us. After we got unhooked, we all got lots and lots of pets from everyone. Then Mom went in the school to answer questions while we rested in our comfy dog boxes. Jasmine went in with Mom in case she needed any help.
Notice the "No Dogs Allowed" sign?? We had special permission to be there. That is Velvet getting pets.
This picture is my dad, Dave on the left and Jasmine on the right.
Gosh, we had a good time! I can't wait til our next demo. A special Thank You to Sallie and all the nice teachers and students we met today. We hope to see you again!
Love & licks,
Skye and all the Moondance Huskies

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Our First Blog!

March 5, 2008
Haaroo everypup!

My name is Skye and I am a proud member of the Moondance Huskies Sled Dog Team. This is my very first blog, so please be patient with me. I am an Alaskan Husky/Siberian Husky mix and will be 5 yrs old on April 10. My family consists of my Daddy dog, Dave, my "sisters", Angel, Velvet, Jasmine and Becky, my "brothers" Lakota and Blaze and my kitties, Misty, Diana and Starr. We live in central Connecticut with our human Mom who we love very much. All of my brothers and sisters were rescued dogs. Velvet and Jasmine are the newest members of our family and they came to live with us from Fairbanks, Alaska. We are a recreational sled dog team and love going out running on the weekends. We also go to schools in the area to demonstrate dogsledding and educate children on good dog care. We are looking forward to sharing our stories with all of you.
Doing a snow dance,