Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Snow Demo

Happy Sunday every pup, kitty & hammie!
A few weeks ago, some of our team and mom participated in a winter festival held at a local orchard. There was no snow...just they did not get to do any running. Mom brought our sled along so the humans could see a REAL dog sled. Only Angel and Lakota could go because the Siberian husky club was invited, so only Siberian huskies could go.
It was a long demo, but Angel and Lakota said they got LOTS of pets and attention.
The first picture is Angel in front and
Lakota behind her. There was a nice cold wind blowing across the field and pond. come the humans! Lakota was sucking up LOTS of attention.He even got tummy rubs! In the next picture, you can see our sled behind Lakota. They are waiting for the next "wave" of big & little people. Angel and Lakota made sure mom got a picture of Uncle Tom's dogs too. The picture is looking down the line. Starting in the front is Wolfe, Loki, Dante, Alex, then Angel and Lakota. Oh, Uncle Tom has one other dog, Nikki, but she was tired and was resting in her crate in the van.
In the last picture, mom caught Uncle Tom relaxing with Nikki and Loki. He and
mom think that is just the best way to
relax and honestly, we all agree! Nothing like relaxing with them and getting lots of attention! Haa roo! After all, keeping us happy is their #1 job, right?? Sure looks like Uncle Tom is doing his job.
Well, it has been raining here all day, so I think I am going to find Misty or mom and convince them to take a nap with me. Hope any of you who were in the severe weather yesterday are all safe!

Sleepy yawns,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

True Colours Thursday--BEIGE

Hi Everypup, kitty & hammie,
Welcome to True Colours Thursday! This week the color is BEIGE! Wow! I don't personally have anything BEIGE, well, except for my undercoat and I wasn't standing still for mom to get a picture of that! So....let's share what I DID find around here. Mom loves coffee with creamer, so that is BEIGE. Our house and our garage are both BEIGE. That's our garage in the picture. Mom wears mineral makeup and guess what? Her shade is medium BEIGE!!! We do have one member of our team who matches the color
of the week...Blaze is BEIGE! Haa rooo!!! Blaze is one of our team lead dogs and sometimes he runs with our Uncle Tom's dogs too. He is very handsome, don't you think?
I like to save the best for favoritest kitty in the WHOLE world is Misty and look at her....she has BEIGE fur! She is really sweet and her fur is very soft. I love sleeping on Mom's bed with her. Yes, I know she is a KHAT, but she is also my sister and for a KHAT, she is a good one!
I hope you enjoyed our BEIGE things. We enjoy sharing our true colours with you!
Happy husky howls,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

True Colours Thursday--GREEN

Haa roo everypup, kitty & hammie,
First of all, mom & I and the rest of our furry family want to thank you all for the kind expressions of sympathy on our loss of Becky. It sure means a lot.
Well, today is Thursday and the color of the day is GREEN! I found LOTS of GREEN to share with woo all.
First of all, we have GREEN plants that Auntie Kat left here. They are in the rrom that is painted GREEN.
Next I found this cute bunny statue with GREEN beads wrapped around it. Mom actually wore those beads to work
on St. Patrick's Day!
Look at what I found next! There is a can of our Alpo dog food with a GREEN label. Diana's favorite food, Temptations, comes in a flavor in a GREEN bag. I also found a pretty GREEN vase that belonged to my human grandma and a GREEN trivet.
I went down to our room and gathered up some of my GREEN toys...well the GREEN teddy bear is actually Auntie Kat's...but I "borrowed" it! hee hee
I had to save the "best" for received a package last week and ... welll...I just couldn't resist opening it! It was stuffed with GREEN paper. I had it all OVER the carpet! It was such
fun! Well, until mom saw it and RE-PACKED the package! She can't open it until this Sunday! I hope I can help her open it then!
Hope you enjoyed our GREEN things!
Play bows,

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sad Day

Hi Everypup, kitty and hammie,

Today is a very sad day. Becky, the one non-working dog here has not been feeling well lately. Mom took her to the V-E-T this morning and was told that she had extensive cancer. Surgery would not give her more than a month or so. Mom decided that she had to love Becky enough to let her go. Becky has donned her silver harness and is running free and healthy North of the Rainbow Bridge.
She was almost 14 years old. These pictures of her were taken during the
Goodie Exchange last summer. She was
a very shy dog, but loved Mom and
Auntie Kat very much.
Please say a little prayer or light a candle for her safe journey.
She will be missed.

Sad howls,


Thursday, March 12, 2009

True Colours Thursday--VIOLET

Haa roo everypup, kitty and hammie and welcome to True Colours Thursday!
The color this week is VIOLET! I had to search high and low for some VIOLET things here! I checked ALL of my toys and none of them are VIOLET. Hooowlever....I did find some things, so here we go!
Last Thursday, I showed a picture of a mirror in our hallway. Well, here is the other side of it...and guess what? Those are VIOLET colored flowers and did you notice the light VIOLET wall? Isn't it pretty?
Next I went in the bathroom and I found a bewootiful VIOLET washcloth. I also found some VIOLET colored Mr. Clean cleaner. There is also a VIOLET clock...uhhh, mom, you forgot to "spring forward" hee hee (she HATES the time change!)
The last thing I could get a picture of is a
VIOLET candle.

There are two other cool VIOLET things here...the railings on our back porch and our mailbox are both VIOLET but it was dark out by the time mom got home, so we could not get pictures of them.
I sure enjoyed sharing our VIOLET things with you! I hope you liked seeing them.

Play bows,

Thursday, March 5, 2009

True Colours Thursday--YELLOW

Haa Rooo everypup, kitty & hammie!

It is True Colours Thursday and today's colour is YELLOW! Had to do some hunting around here for YELLOW things.

Auntie Kat's room and the kitchen are painted YELLOW and in the kitchen, mom has YELLOW gloves for washing dishes. In the hallway, there is a mirror that looks like a window and part of the painting is the pretty YELLOW flowers and lemon in the first picture.

When mom went out to feed, we realized that the bag of dog food for Velvet is YELLOW!!

Next, I went to my toys and guess what?
Two of my toys have YELLOW in them! My big stuffed jack has a YELLOW point and my ducky has a YELLOW beak!
Last of all, as a husky, I could not resist putting in a picture got it...YELLOW snow! HAAA ROOOO ROOO!
Gosh, I thought YELLOW was going to be tough! Hope you all enjoy True Colours
Tomorrow we are going to visit a school to teach little ones about dogsledding AND good dog care! I will let you all know how it goes!
Doing the happy husky dance,