Sunday, April 6, 2008

Computer Problems

Hi Everypup!
Wow! It is good to be back on line. Mom's computer crashed (I had nothing to do with it!!) and she had to take it to a friend of her's to get it fixed. She says there is still some information missing, but it is working and I am able to blog again.
We did another school demo recently, but Mom was not able to get any pictures. There was a reporter and photographer there and there is supposed to be an article in the weekly paper. They are supposed to send us a copy and I will let you all know what they have to say. It was pretty warm, so Mom only let Angel, Jasmine and Dave take the teacher for one run around the field. She did let the reporter take them out a short distance too. Jasmine dug a big hole in the wood chips to lie in. She sent chips flying all over everyone! The students had lots of fun meeting all of us and giving us lots of pets. Of course, we were all on our best behavior.
Mom took us out to the forest last Sunday to run. We knew it may be our last run of the season, so we made sure we all ran real good. Lakota and Blaze ran with Mom's friend Tom's team. Lakota always runs with them because he got hit by a car and cannot run fast enough to keep up with my team. Blaze ran with them because they needed a good leader and he was more than willing to help out. Mom ran Angel and Jasmine in lead, Velvet in swing, me in team and Dave in wheel. We had a WONDERFUL four mile run. We did it in about 30 minutes and that was with a break out at the lake which is 2 miles out. We went right past all the other dogs when we got back and went right up to where we get tied out. Mom was very happy and so were we. We really love running with her. She takes good care of us and we like to make her happy. We like going to the forest because the humans always have a cookout and we always get something extra special. They bake sweet potatoes in the fire and those are SOOOOO GOOD!!
Thinking about sweet potatoes is making me hungry....I think I will go see what Mom is making for supper!
Husky howls to all!

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