Saturday, July 5, 2008

Position is Everything.....

Greetings Every Pup, Kitty and Girl Girl!
Hope you all had a nice Fourth of July with NOT too many annoying fireworks! Unfortunately, there were lots of silly humans setting off fireworks near our house, so Mom gave us all some valerian root to help calm us. sure didn't work for Blaze! He was barking for most of the evening, but what's a dog to do???
It has been raining a lot here so there has not been much to do. I decided to show some pictures of us just relaxing. There is a saying that "position is everything"....well, hope you enjoy OUR positions!
The first one is me and my favorite kitty sister, Misty. We like to curl up together on mom's bed.
The next one is Diana, one of my other kitty sisters. Doesn't she look comfy on that faux fur throw? The colors match HER colors haa roo! The next two are Lakota, showing us how to do the "twist". Personally, I don't know HOW he can be comfortable like that!
The last picture is Merlin. He is one of our Auntie Kat's kitties. He and his brother are Ragdoll cats.
Here he is showing his favorite yoga/sleep position. Hope you all have a quiet weekend!

I am going to stretch out on my bed for a nap.
Play bows,