Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hi Everyone and Merry Christmas!
I am so happy to be back to blogging and what better way than to be able to wish all my DWB friends Happy Holidays!
This is our Christmas tree. Mom had to set it up on the back porch. You will understand why later in this post. She did a nice job decorating it and even put pink lights on it.
This morning Mom gave me my presents. I got a really cool stuffy toy. I think it looks a little bit like my darling Pippa! Speaking of my darling Pippa, I want to wish you and extra special Merry Christmas. I hope you got some extra toast with butter and other wonderful stuff.
I also got a nice new big dog bed, but somehow the picture just disappeared! Mom took our truck to the car wash yesterday and gave it a bath. She also decorated it with a really cool bow.
Now I can tell you why we had to put our tree out on the porch. First I must tell you that my mostest favoritest kitty pal Misty went to the Rainbow Bridge in September and I have been missing her a lot. Well, now I have TWO new kitties to play with! This one is Latte and mom thinks Latte is a little boy cat. Mom is not too smart on that so she will find out for sure on Tuesday when she takes them to the V-E-T for their kitten checkup and shots.
This is my other new kitty and this one is named OJ. Mom thinks it is a girl kitty. Mom thinks she looks like an orange creamsicle, but that is too much name for a little kitty, so she decided on OJ.
They are really cute but they are definitely into EVERYTHING! They are not even afraid of ANYTHING! My very old sisfur Angel is in the house because she is very weak because of her very old age(14) but mom keeps the kittens away from her "just in case". We could use some prayers for Angel.
We got to go for a short run two weeks ago and I got to run lead with my dad dog Dave. I have a new sisfur--she came to live with us March 1 all the way from Alaska. She ran in the team and did really good. Wow! we have a lot to catch up on! But for today, enjoy a special day with your furry brothers and sisters and your human pawrents and share some extra love with everyone!
Love to all my dear friends!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day & let's start catching up!

Haa rooooo everypup & kittie!
It has been soooooo long since I have posted. There has been a lot of stuff going on, but I convinced Mom that this is important too! Well, she agreed, so we are BACK!!
Yesterday was Father's Day and I hope all the dads out there had a wonderful day. This is how my dad Dave's Father's Day went..........First of all, let me introduce you to my very handsome dad, Dave! Mom let him run loose in the kennel area with Jasmine (his girlfriend) and Angel (the oldest member of our team). It was a bea-woootiful day --not too hot and lots of shade. Dave LOVES running around and playing with
Jasmine. Angel loves to snooter around BOL!
After running around for awhile, it was time for Dave to treat himself to some of his favorite drink..nice cool water!
This is Dave taking a break with his sweet Jasmine. She is a really sweet girl and dad just adores her. When they are loose in the kennel, he almost never leaves her side. And this shows you just how much he loves her! He was thanking her for making Father's Day extra special!
Silly Blogger is not letting me type under the last picture, so I will have to pupdate everyone on my next post....and I PROMISE it will be very soon!
Hugs & Howls,