Sunday, June 22, 2008


Haa Roo Everypup!!!
First of all, I want to thank Rocky and Sitka for "checking" on me. Everything is OK here. Mom's back was hurting her, so she was not able to sit at the computer and take my dictation. Also the weather here has been horrible! Very hot and then constant rain! Our Goodie Exchange package arrived safely, but Mom would not let me open it until ALL of us could enjoy it. And yesterday was that day! Our Aunt Kat gave out the treats so that Mom could take pictures. The first picture is of me sampling a yummy beef strip from Butchy & Snickers' package. There were all kinds of cookies and a really nice card from them. The next picture is Aunt Kat with Lakota. See how nicely we take cookies?

Next up is Angel gently taking a Paul Newman chicken flavored cookie. The last picture is Blaze. As you can see, he is trying VERY hard to help Aunt Kat decide which kind of cookie he should sample. He thought that if he did a nice "sit" he would get more than one! LOL!
Mom got a few more pictures, but the site only let us put four of them up. We will try to do a "Part 2" with those pictures.
Butchy and Snickers, THANK WOOO so much for the yummy goodies! We will be enjoying them for some time! We really enjoyed being part of the Goodie Exchange and hope we get to do it again.
Also I will certainly try to make sure Mom gets back to posting as close to daily as possible.
Thank you all my DWB friends!!!
Love & Happy howls,
Skye and all the Moondance Huskies


Niamh said...

I'm glad that you finally got a chance to enjoy your goody exchange package.

Your friend,

Snowball said...

Oh wow! Those look like some really delicious yummy treats!!! I wish I was there to try some of it too...


Lacy said...

w00f's skye, heehee looks like all of u enjoyed ur goodies from butchy and snickers, they r cool pups...we iz glad u mama iz feelin betters...

b safe,

Joe Stains said...

Hey guys! looks like you got some great goodies in the exchange!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

You have an Aunt Me?