Wednesday, March 12, 2008

School Demo!

March 12, 2008
Hi Everypup!

We had a really fun and exciting morning today...our Mom took us to school to meet the students and teach them about dogsledding and dog care! All the nice snow melted, so we had to use the wheeled rig. We don't care as long as we get to run, but the sled on the snow IS more fun!

The little humans came out and Mom hooked up Angel, Jasmine and Velvet. Well, silly Angel did not want to run! She said there were too many other good smells to sniff! Mom did get them to do one run, then FINALLY listened to me. I was trying very hard to tell her to hook up me and my dad, Dave. She did and we showed everyone exactly how sled dogs run!!! We took one of the teachers for the ride and she said it was great! Mom was very happy with us. After we got unhooked, we all got lots and lots of pets from everyone. Then Mom went in the school to answer questions while we rested in our comfy dog boxes. Jasmine went in with Mom in case she needed any help.
Notice the "No Dogs Allowed" sign?? We had special permission to be there. That is Velvet getting pets.
This picture is my dad, Dave on the left and Jasmine on the right.
Gosh, we had a good time! I can't wait til our next demo. A special Thank You to Sallie and all the nice teachers and students we met today. We hope to see you again!
Love & licks,
Skye and all the Moondance Huskies


powder-puff said...

Hey nice to meet you!

Saw you over at the Dwb site and thought i would come over and welcome you to the world of blogging!!

Stop by my blog sometime i would Love to hear from you!


The Army of Four said...

Your doggie-daddy's name is DAVE?!?!? That is so cool. I've never "met" another doggie-Dave! He must be really cool. Woo.
Dave (of the Army of 4)