Sunday, December 21, 2008

SNOW! Glorious snow!!!!

Haa Roo Everypup, kitty & hammie!

We got SNOW here in Connecticut! It started on Friday, stopped for awhile yesterday and has been snowing all day today. We had about 10 inches on the ground on Friday night and we got another 4 or 5 inches today! Yes, we are sled dogs, but this is actually too much snow for us to go running in--can you imagine that!? We did go out last weekend and ran with the wheels. Mom broke us into 2 teams so that we all got to run. I ran with my daddy dog Dave and Jasmine. We did a real nice 4 mile run. It
felt real good to be back in harness again! And I really enjoyed the ride home--snuggled under a
blanket next to Mom. Hmmm...the lettering just changed, but at least the pictures loaded! The first one is looking out the front porch on Friday night. Look at that snow coming down! The next one is Mom's truck (and OUR dog box) yesterday. There is almost that much snow on it again today!
Next up, is looking toward the kennel. The path to the kennel is between those 2 boxes and UNDER those snow covered hemlocks!
Don't you love the picture of Jasmine (in mid shake), my daddy dog Dave (the handsome mostly black dog) and Blaze? They were really enjoying the snow.
The last picture is Lakota. You can tell he had his snooter in the snow because Mom caught him with a snow nose! If you look in the background, you can tell he made some yellow snow! hee hee!
Mom has to go dig the truck out again tonight, but I
asked her to put these pictures up first! Last night she
was too tired to do it after digging out both the truck
and the car. I hope all of you that got snow are getting
to enjoy it. We had hoped to go sledding today, but
Mom believes in safety first and with the storm going
on all day and the possiblity of ice, she decided it was
better to stay home and be safe. Besides, with this
much snow, her truck probably could not make the
hill into the forest! So we will wait (again) and hope
there is still snow to run on next weekend! Mom and
her friend Tom put new rails & plastic runners on the
sled, so we are READY as soon as the weather co-
operates! In the meantime, we will enjoy the snow--
playing in it together and playing "catch snow" with
Mom. Everyone be safe and have a very Merry
Christmas! Hope Santa brings you all lots of new toys
and yummy treats!
Love and Happy Husky Howls!
Skye and all the Moondance Huskies and Kitties