Thursday, April 23, 2009

True Colours Thursday--RUST

Haa rooo everypup, kitty & hammie!
I'm back after letting Lakota do our post yesterday. Today is True Colours Thursday and today's color is RUST! I COULD have put pictures of mom's truck up today, but I decided to be nice and skip most of the RUSTY things. However, I did have to include one. The latch pins on the dog boxes are RUST. Don't worry, they are weathered, but perfectly safe for us. Mom would not have it any other way! That box happens to be Lakota's! My favorite music to listen to when we are travelling is Loreena McKennitt. The package from one of her cd's is RUST colored. This happens to be one of my favorite cd's. I paw at mom & give her that "look" to get her to play this music any time I am in the truck with her. haa rooo!
Before Auntie Kat left, she gave mom a special present...and it is this purse. And lo & behold, it is RUST colored! Thanks for helping us out, Auntie Kat!

I saved the cutest RUST thing for last. Mom has a "Autumn" teddy bear, and she is wearing a dress with LOTS of RUST colored leaves & flowers and even has RUST leaves in her basket! Isn't she pretty? Mom keeps her well out of my reach. I wonder why????? hee hee

Well, other than mom's RUSTY truck, that's all I could find nice in RUST to share with all of you. Next week is RAINBOW. Oh my! I better start hunting around NOW!!
Thanks for sharing True Colours Thursday with me!
Play bows,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Huskies on Parade!

Hi there Everypup, kitty & hammie!
Lakota here! Skye let me take over today so I could share my adventure with mom from Sunday. We are from Connecticut and the University of Connecticut Women's Basketball team had a perfect season AND won the National Championship. So....there was a parade in Hartford on Sunday to celebrate & honor them. The Connecticut Valley Siberian Husky Club was invited to march in the parade with dogs! I was SOOOO excited! I never got to walk in a parade before! Uncle Tom picked us up and off we went to Hartford. In the first picture, you can see Uncle Tom's van with the club banner and from the left...Dante, Loki and me. We had our harnesses on and were getting ready to head up to the place where the parade would start.
Here I am with mom. All of the divisions are lined up and ready to go! Look at the neat bandana I have on! One of the ladies made these for all of us to wear.
Here is most of our group. Mom had to take this really fast, because the parade was starting!
I got to meet that pretty black & white Sibe gal after the parade. She is soo pretty!

Here I harness, focused and pulling! I did work the crowd all the way along the parade route. I got lots of pets & compliments. Mom had a heck of a time carrying the banner and still letting me greet my many admirers! haa roo!
This is a picture of Loki. Uncle Tom was carrying the other side of the banner and Loki was working the crowd on that side of the road!
AAAHHHH!!!! Nice cool grass!!!! Boy did that feel good after the parade! This was taken right on the front lawn of the state capitol while we were waiting for the ladies team to finish the parade route. After a nice break, we got to meet and play. It was a LOT of fun!
This is a group shot of all of us...pups & humans on the Capitol lawn after the parade. We had a grrreat time and are happy that we got invited to participate!
Thank you Skye, for letting me share my mom & me adventure!
Sibe vibes & howls,

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Barkday Party Pictures

Hi Everypup,kitty & hammie!
I promised you more pictures from my barkday party--so here they are! Mom had to be really fast to get a picture of each of us before we finished our portion of that yummy cake!
The first pup here is Velvet. She is definitely an "eager eater" and polished her cake off VERY quickly!

Next up is my handsome daddy dog, Dave! He especially enjoyed the STEAK part of the cake.

Here is Angel! She looks like mom surprised her with the flashy thing on the camera! Don't worry, she did not let it deter her from enjoying her special treat!
Miss Jasmine LOVED this! Can you tell??? She was looking for more! haa roo!
This is Blaze, digging right in! Sometimes he is a slower eater, but not with this!
Here is Angel again...she actually STOLE Dave's dish and brought it way over by her house so she could lick it clean! He did not eat all of his mashed potatoes, but there was not a single MORSEL left when Angel got done with the dish! hee hee!
Lakota can be a VERY fussy eater, but in this picture, he is enjoying his SECOND PORTION of my cake! Can you believe it? He just LOVED it!
Last of all, here I am. After all, you have to clean up after a party, right? So I am doing my job, cleaning the dish thoroughly! Mom said I did a really good job! I can't wait til she makes that kind of cake again for the NEXT dog's barkday!
Play bows,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

True Colours Thursday--LIME GREEN

Haa roo everypup, kitty & hammie and welcome to this week's True Colours Thursday!
This week's color is LIME
GREEN. This one really had me scratching my head. Then I looked at mom...her SCRUBS have LIME GREEN in the design and her pen has LIME GREEN on the top and the finger grip! I went into the bathroom to see if there was anything in there that matched this week's color. Look what I found! The paper towel package has LIME GREEN on it!
Now, I did manage to find some LIME GREEN outside. These are flowers that grandma planted a long time ago and they are coming up nicely. Those are daffy-dills hee hee!WOW!!! Look at this!! LIME GREEN tennis balls! This has GOT to be the bestest find of LIME GREEN !
Lakota had to check them out. Here he is giving one of those LIME GREEN tennis balls a good sniff.
Looks like they passed "inspection"! OOOO! Now doesn't he look like he is having fun? Lakota LOVES playing with LIME GREEN tennis balls! He loves to carry them in his mouth and then chase them around his area. He pushes them around with his paws & snooter! Haa roo! he is so funny!
Well, my dear friends, that is all I could find around here that is LIME GREEN. I really love doing our True Colours Thursdays, even if it is a tough color! Thanks for stopping by and seeing our LIME GREEN stuff!
Hopefully, more pictures from my birthday will be up tomorrow!
Play bows,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Barkday & Happy Easter!

Hi Everypup, kitty & hammie!
First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! We had a quiet day here, just enjoying time with Mom. She shared some kielbasa and hard boiled eggs with all of us today. She said that is a special tradition. It was YUMMY!
Speaking of YUMMY, look at the barkday cake that mom made for me! Snowball's jie jie told her how to make it. My barkday was Friday, but we celebrated yesterday so that all of us could have some of this cake. She made it with mashed potatoes, green beans and STEAK!! Here is the cake with the candle lit. I turned 6 on April 10.
Mom put the dish on the floor so she could get a picture of me with the cake. I just could NOT resist...I started eating it right away! Haa Roo! Here I am being a "proper" lady dog enjoying my cake on a REAL dish!

This is a VERY special present I got from my very best friend Snowball. Her jie jie did this drawing of me. She did a be WOOtiful job!!
Snowball also sent me this lovely poncho. I wore it all day today. It was chilly in the house, so it was extra nice. I really love the poncho--Thank you Snowball!! This picture was taken on my favorite chair.

I got some new stuffies for my barkday and for Easter. I am not sure what to make of that HUGE does squeak--makes a good pillow too! hee hee I got a Canada goose that honks too!
Mom took pictures of the rest of the dogs enjoying the cake. I will try to get those up real soon!
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

True Colours Thursday--Black & White

Haaa ROO every pup, kitty & hammie!
Here we are celebrating True Colours Thursday again! Today's colour is BLACK & WHITEE together. This one was not too difficult. In our family Dave and Velvet are both BLACK & WHITE. Two of our kitties, Diana and Starr are also have BLACK & WHITE together. I was able to get Diana to pose and show off her pretty colors.
Auntie Kat left some cool hawk feathers here in the plants. Look at them...they are BLACK & WHITE! Last week, you got to see some of mom's teddy bears. Well, mom has an even bigger and I think BETTER collection of husky stuffies. She finally has a place to display them and many of them guessed it..BLACK & WHITE !! I sure enjoy participating in True Colours Thursdays and hope you continue to enjoy sharing them with me. Tomorrow is my barkday, so please join me in our celebration!

Play bows,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

True Colours Thursday--SCARLET

Greetings all!
Here it is, True Colours Thursday again!
This week the color is SCARLET. Mom has a some neat teddy bears and two of them are Christmas bears. Both of them are wearing SCARLET outfits! Someone very special to her gave her the big white bear in the next picture. That bear has a SCARLET bow and mom put a SCARLET baseball cap on it for today's special post. Doesn't it look cool?
Next I have a picture of a VERY special present that mom received from Auntie Kat. It is a tote bag with 3 kitties on it and there is LOTS of SCARLET on it!
I had to hunt for the next SCARLET item.
It is a set of salt & pepper shakers shaped like strawberries. Mom's Aunt Pat who now lives in Alaska made them for her. She did a be-wootiful job on them!
The last SCARLET thing I found was this cool statue of cardinals. Cardinals were my grandma's favorite birds, so mom got this for her. Now it is one of mom's treasures.
Mom asked me to add one more thing. When she was a little girl, her momma used to sing a song to her. And the name of the song? SCARLET RIBBONS!

That brings back sweet memories for mom. Thank you for letting us share our SCARLET items and their stories with you.

Love & licks,

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Huzzy Wednesday and the BIG CAT!!

Greeetings everypup, kitty & hammie!
We have not had the chance before to participate in Huzzy Wednesday. I STILL won't do a Huzzy pose for mom. However.......Starr, the litte Huzzy...DID pose for her! There she is, sprawled in all her glory across mom's bed!
Mom said she is going to try to get some of the other dogs to pose in the future. Velvet loves tummy rubs, but she usually gets those at night and mom can't get pictures in the dark! hee hee

Now, something else has been going on here. There have been strange tracks in the area where are new kennel is going to be. And today, there was a BIG yellow and black CAT sitting out there! Not doing anything, just sitting and waiting! Well, being the guardian of the house, I had to make sure that I checked it out...after all, we can't have a strange BIG CAT hanging around here, can we???
Well, here is the big CAT that is out in the yard! Haaa RooOOOOooo HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!! That is the machine that is going to dig the holes for the fence posts. But...I didn't lie, really...look at the pawprints that big CAT left!
Hope you all had a fun April 1st!
Happy husky howls,
PeeS...those REAL pawprints are my daddy dog Dave's!