Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Woo Woo Everypup!

I have been reading the wonderful comments left by my all my new friends are realized that I forgot to put a bit of information in way back in my first blog. I am a girl dog. Until I read Khrya and Dave's comments I did not realize there was a case of "mistaken identity"! I am SO sorry! Mom named me after the main lady character in a romance novel.

I think it is really cool that we have 2 Daves. I know another Amber--she is a red and white SiberMal who is part of our running group. My mom had an Amber in her "Original Five", which was her very first team. One of her leaders was Kira. Khyra--How do you pronounce your name?????

The picture on the left is Kira. The one on the right is Kira and Moon. These ladies were mom's main leaders. The picture on the right was taken at a school demo. They taught me a lot when I was a puppy. One of the things they taught me was that kitties are NOT squeaky toys and that if I made them squeak, mom would not be happy! (LOL) Soooo, I am VERY good to my kitties. Well, I have to admit, I would like to make Starr squeak--but that is because she always hisses, swats and chases me down the hall!! In fact, she is coming after me now!!!


The Army of Four said...

Woo! It sounds like we all have these Siber=connections, doesn't it? Very cool.
Our Amber is the only one of us who didn't come from a shelter - she was on a farm ... http://armyoffourdigest.blogspot.com/2006/10/hi-everypuppy-its-me-amber-i-didnt.html You can read about it there, if you'd like. Her favorite uncle was a SiberMal! Woo.

Kapp pack said...

A girl Skye is ok!

Kisses, Sky boy

The Army of Four said...

Hey Skye! We'd love to have you join our list of Troopers in the Ao4! Send us an email at our top secret email address: SibeTracker at yahoo dot com. I think you know what I mean. I'll send you the code for the cool animated gif file for your sidebar, linking you up with all the other Troopers. Once you have that uploaded, I'll add you to the list!
We're happy to have you join us!
Tail wags,
Supreme Commander, Ao4

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


Taste like chikhken??

It was fun chatting with woo Saturday night!!!

And yes, KhEARah!!!


BenTheRotti said...

Had a blast chatting with you at the pawty!! Really nice to meet you

Ben xxx

Lacy said...

woofs Skye and all...it wuz nice meetin and chattin wiff u this past weekend...we all really had a lots of fun...

b safe,