Thursday, February 26, 2009

True Colours Thursday--BROWN

Hi Everypup, kittie & hammie,
Here it is again...BLUE's True Colours Thursday and today's color is BROWN!
Most of the pups here have BROWN eyes and at least some BROWN fur! Let's see what else we have around here that is BROWN. Let's start in the kitchen, where we have our BROWN Hitchcock hutch. Diana is sitting on the table. She is a calico cat, so she has lots of BROWN fur!
Look what I found on the top of the computer desk!
There is a BROWN wolf candle holder, and two statues that have BROWN on them..the cat's face and parts of the wolves!
Next I want to show you the many shades of BROWN on the faux fur throw on Mom's bed. I have made sure to add some of my real BROWN fur to it! hee hee!
The last picture for today is two of my favorite BROWN Christmas reindeer and my VERY first stuffed ram! Now can you guess who that is next to my toys?
That is Starr! She is the cat I have told many of you about that is always swatting me! Hey, if she is sitting with my toys, does that mean SHE is a toy too??? Hmmmm....I will have to check on that!
Thanks for sharing True Colours Thursday with me!
Play bows,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

More trail pictures

Hi Everypup, Kittie & Hammie!
Awhile ago I promised you some more pictures from our snow run. This team is my daddy dog Dave in lead on the left, Jasmine in lead on the right and ME in wheel! We love running this trail with mom. It has some hills which are a little work going up, but WOW are they fun going down!!
You can see what a nice day it was and how be-WOOOtiful this trail is! Can't you just imagine being out there running too?
Did you notice that all of us have our ears facing back? We do that so we can hear Mom when she talks to us or gives us commands. She can tell right away if there is something "distracting" ahead of us on the trail if our ears suddenly swing forward!
She gets her foot on the brake right away if she
sees that! You can also see that we keep our tug lines nice and tight. That means all our power is going to the sled.
The last picture is after our run. We are back at the area where we set up and are reunited with rest of our group. They had their run earlier. Mom had already taken their harnesses off so they could totally relax. We just got our water and will get our harnesses off shortly.
All of our wonderful snow is pretty much gone now...yes, the snow thief hit here too. Right now, we have ice on the trails, so we have not even been able to go running with the wheeled rig.
We are hoping the trail conditions will improve so we can get some more running in before it gets too warm!
Hope you enjoyed your dog sled ride with us!
Husky howls & doing a snow dance,

Thursday, February 19, 2009

True Colours Thursday--BLUE!

Greetings everypup, kitty & hammie!

Wowzers! where did a week go?? Well, here it is Thursday and I am happy to share BLUE things from our house to yours! We love BLUE and have a lot of BLUE things. First of all, here I am modeling a light BLUE harness--I really did not feel like posing for the camera today, can you tell? Next we have a cool collection of BLUE Moondance Huskies stuff--there is mom's BLUE polarfleece top and her BLUE denim jacket...both have an embroidered design of a sled dog and Moondance Huskies Sled Dog Team on them. Mom's BLUE musher hat is on the left. In the center is one of our pink harnesses that have BLUE polarfleece padding and in the front is one of our BLUE lines.

Mom has a BLUE crystal ball--isn't it pretty? Do you remember who in our team has BLUE eyes?? Lakota! And guess who ELSE has BLUE eyes? MOM!I sure enjoyed sharing our BLUE things with you.

Thank you BLUE for having True Colours Thursday!

Play bows


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Color of the Week--SILVER

Hi All!
We decided to join in the fun and do Blue's Thursday Color Post. This week the color is SILVER! I was a little scared that we would not be able to participate this week because we had a power outage today from high winds....but we are OK and "up & running" here we go! First of all, I am going to show you some of Mom's SILVER jewelry.
Don't you love the SILVER pawprint and dog sled with 2 dog team pendants? Next, here are the SILVER howling wolf earrings that were given to her by a friend.
Next there is a crystal dish with a SILVER design. The dish was her mom & dad's from their 25th anniversary, so it is very special. Mom puts her cell phone or her truck keys in it. We also have a heart shaped SILVER dish that Auntie Kat put a cat shaped candle holder in. We keep it in the bathroom. The last thing is a SILVER basket that Mom keeps her spare shower poofs in. OOOHHH!
we DO have one more VERY special something SILVER here....Lakota is a SILVER and white Siberian husky!!! Hope you enjoyed some of the SILVER in our house! I think next week is BLUE!

Play bows,


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sled dogs running on SNOW!

Hi Everypup, Kitty and Hammie!
We have been lucky enough to get some snow recently and our trails were perfect for running with the sled two weekends ago. Mom took a bunch of pictures on the trail while we were running...she is quite a talented human, don't you think? I will have to do 2 posts in order to share all the pictures.
In this one, I will share pictures of the first team out which was Blaze and Angel in lead and Velvet in wheel. First of all, here is a picture of our sled. Isn't it cool? It is a beautiful handmade sled and it is stained dark walnut in color. Look at the sled bag--it is hot pink and silver to match our harnesses.
Now, let's get back to our team on the trail. The first picture of the team is on the way out to the lake and is before the "haw" (left) turn we take to get to the lake. The second picture is going up one of the hills. See how nice and tight we keep our tug lines? The tug lines are the ones that go from the center line to the loop at the end of our harnesses--just about where our tails start. The tug lines transfer all our power to pull the sled. We always stop at the lake for a water and rest break before we turn around to run back in. The last team shot is on the way in and the team is going to be going down a hill and around a curve. Mom has to hold on tight and use the brake because we love to go fast on downhills! Shortly after that shot and AFTER that downhill, we turn onto the trail going back to our "campsite". On this run, mom almost lost her balance on the sled because the team came around a curve sharply. It takes a few runs before humans get their "snow legs". We NEVER have that problem! Haa rooo! The team made it back and had a beautiful run. Next I will post the pics from MY run and tell you about our adventure yesterday!
Play bows,