Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Festival/Faux Race

Hi Everypup & Kitty,

A couple of weeks ago, our team participated in a Winter Festival in Willimantic. There were about ten teams that came from around Connecticut. We were there to show people about dog sledding and what better way to do that than to have a "faux" race?! A one mile trail was put in for us to run. We got some snow a few days before, so we actually got to run with our sled! Mom and her friend Tom had changed the runner plastic on her sled, so she decided to take the "slower" team out first. That team was Blaze, Angel and Velvet. The first two pictures here are of them going out and then on the way back in. A little later, she took Jasmine, Dave and me out for a run. We had a great run, including a sharp, clean turn around! The fourth picture shows you a nice close look at my team. Thank you to mom's friend Jim for taking those pictures for us. We met a lot of nice people and in fact, the wrestling team from the high school asked to have their team portrait taken with US!!! Of course Mom said it was fine! We enjoyed all the attention--we got lots of pets from everyone. AND we got to run on snow! How much better does it get??!! I hope you all enjoy seeing these pictures of us running as much as we enjoyed doing it!

Play bows & husky howls,