Thursday, May 28, 2009

True Colours Thursday times 2! Gray & Cobalt Blue

Grreetings everypup,kitty & hammie!
We got it right this week! haa rooo rooo It is True Colours Thursday, hosted by our friend Blue. This week's colour is COBALT BLUE! Now, we missed posting last week, so I wanted to share our bit of GRAY which was last week's colour. Here are 2 of my toys--a Canada goose and some other kind of bird and even though the other bird LOOKS brown, it is actually GRAY!Also, look at the pretty embroidery on the sheets--it is GRAY too! So....we have covered the GRAY ...gee that sounds like a commercial! hee hee!
Now, on to this week's colour! I found some really cool COBALT BLUE things here. Now, I know I showed you the crystal ball before, but because it is COBALT BLUE I wanted to share it again.Mom went shoe shopping recently and look what she came home with--COBALT BLUE shoes!
Aren't they cute? Mom says they are comfortable, but I don't think I am going to try them on.
This is Mom's favorite tea cup. Her momma gave it to her and not only is it COBALT BLUE, but is has two running wolves on it! If you look close or make the picture bigger, you can see them a little better.
Last but not least, I wanted to share my mostest favoritest toy in the whole world. It is my COBALT BLUE squeaky bone. If I am feeling scared or lonely or if Mom is going away, this is the toy I want. I will bring it to Mom and she knows right away that I need an extra hug.
Well, that's my GRAY and COBALT BLUE things! We have some interesting things going on here and I will try to post about some of that tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by. I do love sharing my True Colour things with you!
Husky howls,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

True Colours TURQUOISE (yeah we are playing catch up!)

Haa roooo everypup, kitty & hammie!
I am SOOOO late with my True Color post! I wasn't sure if it was even going to get done today because Mom fractured a bone in her wrist and has to wear a splint for at least a month!
Anyhaarooo, while she CAN type, let's get rolling with TURQUOISE!!! What a pretty color to look for! I went into Mom's make up box and found three TURQUOISE eyeshadows.
This is our teapot. It is a pretty shade of TURQUOISE as are ALL of our pots & pans! They make our kitchen look nice & colorful.
Next I got one of our husky stuffies that has TURQUOISE eyes to model with some of Mom's TURQUOISE jewelry. And look on top of it's head---it is a ring with a TURQUOISE blue topaz stone! haa roo!Now it would just not be right to do this post without me getting into it somehow. So...Mom put on her new TURQUOISE & lapis ring and took this picture while she did something I absolutely LOVE...TUMMY RUBS!! Yup, that's my tummy and one of my feety feets making the TURQUOISE look extra special! hee hee
This is the most important TURQUOISE item I have. It is the bracelet that Mom wears all the time. It says "PROTECT OUR PETS" and it is for pet cancer research. Mom got it from the Blue Buffalo dog food rep. The organization is if you want to check it out and get YOUR hu-mom or dad a bracelet too.
Wow! Mom made it through the typing, even if it did take her twice as long as normal! haa roo Thank you for stopping by and letting me share our TURQUOISE items with you. The next color is GRAY and YIKES! it is tomorrow! I better start hunting around now!
Husky howls,

Saturday, May 9, 2009

True Colours Thursday...on Saturday again! oops!

Greetings all & happy Saturday!
Well, we are late again for our True Colours post. The computer has been locking up, so hopefully we can get this done before it happens again. This week's color is CERISE-a bright pink! We LOVE this color and I could easily find lots of CERISE things. First off, here is a Capodimonte piece with pretty white doves and CERISE flowers.

Next, here are some of our "good" china pieces. The design is called Old Country Roses, and as you can see, the roses are CERISE!! Aren't they pretty? Mom says the best part of these roses is that they don't have THORNS! haa roo!
Now you all know that we have quite a collection of husky stuffies...but here's one you did not see before. This special one sits on top of mom's computer monitor and wears some very special CERISE beads. They are special because Grandpa gave them to Mom.

Another reason that CERISE is abundant here is that it is our kennel color. Our harnesses are CERISE as is our sled bag. Harnesses come in two basic styles, so I wanted to share both with you. On the left is an "H-back" or "trail" harness. This kind of harness is good for a wider body type dog. On the right is an "X-back" harness. This kind is good for a long, lean body type dog. Supposedly it is harder to "back out" of, but trust me, that is NOT necessarily true! haa rooo! The X-back in the picture has black padding on it, just like the blue padding on the just didn't show up because of the dark background.

Here I am modeling one of the H-back harnesses. Our harnesses are VERY comfortable because Mom makes sure they fit us properly.
We have lots of pretty pillows to decorate Mom's bed and one of my favorites is this CERISE one. And look....there is some CERISE in the other pillows too!

Now this is a very special CERISE flower. This is to wish my very best friend SNOWBALL a very Happy Barkday! Her barkday is tomorrow and CERISE was chosen to celebrate her barkday. HAPPY BARKDAY SNOWBALL!! I chose this pretty CERISE orchid as a special tribute to you, because you are beautiful too!
Happy Barkday, my dear friend! and happy weekend to everyone!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

True Colours Thursday...ummmm..on Saturday

Happy Saturday everypup, kitty & hammie!
We are a little late doing our True Colour post. Mom was too busy chatting with Rocky's mom on Thursday....silly hoomans! This week is RAINBOW!
This bea-wootiful dresser is something Auntie Kat brought. Look at all the colors in it! It has such pretty colored flowers and all the colors of nature.
This is one of the trophies that Amber and Angie won in a 2 dog race in Rhode Island some years ago. The amazing thing is that both of them were 10 years old when they won it! It has a RAINBOW of colors all around the middle of the trophy.
Now I needed to get creative. Mom has a lot of baseball caps in many colors, so I gathered up a bunch of them to share with you. It is a RAINBOW of caps! haa roo!

Next I gathered up a whole bunch of my toys and as you can see I have a RAINBOW of colors in my toys! I love different colored toys...and these are ALL squeaky toys!! haa roo roo!!
I told mom that since she was late on getting this post up, she needed to contribute to it. So here is what she came up with. She has some RAINBOW jewelry! Isn't it pretty? Thank you mom for helping out!

Sorry this was two days late, but I hope you enjoyed our RAINBOW of items. I am off to play with some of my colorful toys. hee hee
Play bows,