Saturday, June 28, 2008

Velvet's Gotcha Day plus 2

Good Morning everypup!
I am going to turn over the blog to Velvet today. Thursday was her "Gotcha Day". We decided not to post on Thursday because we were all so saddened by Baby Love's passing. We all wish her godspeed and much joy as a healthy dog at the Bridge. Soft woo's to Baby Love, Skye

Hi Everypup!
My name is Velvet. I am a girl Alaskan husky about 4 years old. I was born in Alaska and lived there until last year. On January 31, 2007 I was dropped off at the Fairbanks Animal Shelter. I don't know why. The people at the shelter were very nice to me. There is a very nice group of people who call themselves the "Second Chance League" who work with the shelter to help find homes for dogs like me. They took me running and included what they thought of me in my "bio". In March, I was lucky enough to go into foster care with a wonderful lady named Miriam. Foster care is a great place to be until you find your forever home because you don't have to worry about being put to sleep and you are in a loving home instead of at the shelter. Mom read my story on the shelter website and contacted Miriam to learn more about me. Well, I was a perfect fit for everything Mom needed, so she had Miriam adopt me. I was to live with her until travel arrangements could be made. Originally, the plans were to have me travel in October.....however...I was lucky enough to have them find someone travelling East in June!! Mom got an e-mail saying that I would be arriving in Boston on June 26, 2007!! Oh my dogness, she had to quickly get things ready for me and get time off to go get me. She did it and early in the morning on June 26, 2007, I met my forever Mom! I was reallly tired after my 12 hour airplane ride, so I slept all the way back to Connecticut. When we got here Mom took me out to the kennel to meet my new family. One of the dogs was barking at me a lot and it scared me, but Mom told me it would be OK. She put me next to Dave, who came over and quietly greeted me. I knew then that I was safe and had truly found my forever home. Living here has been wonderful! Mom takes us running every weekend in the fall & winter and the kennel is shady in the warm weather. She takes real good care of us and gives us lots of love. Here are some pictures of me. The first one was taken shortly after I arrived here. The second one was taken at Cockaponsett State Forest where we go running. That is me with my buddies shortly after a run. Next one was taken at a school demo this spring. I love meeting all the little bipeds! The last two pictures were taken recently. As you can see, I put on some weight since arriving here and Mom decided I needed to be on a "diet". Hmmmm....I am getting some different food, but it is really good, so I guess that is OK. I can't believe it has been a whole YEAR since I got here! I love living here. I want to thank the humans at the Fairbanks, Alaska shelter, Carol from Second Chance League for running me and to Miriam for being my foster Mom and getting me to my furever home! Also a thank you to the nice couple who escorted me from Alaska to Boston so I could come here so much sooner! Most of all, I want to thank my Mom for taking a chance on me. She made her decision without having the opportunity to meet me in person. I promise you I will never let you down! I love you Mom! Thanks for adopting me!
Love & Licks,

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Goodie Exchange, Part 2

Greetings again!
Here are some more pictures from yesterday's fun! First we have Lakota checking out the box of goodies...hmmm, what shall I have first???
Next we are out in the kennel. Dave is licking his chops in anticipation of getting a wonderful treat.
He loved the beef strip that Aunt Kat gave him, as you can see! Next it was Jasmine's turn and she got a yummy beef strip too!! She was very happy.
The last picture is Becky. She just got her peanut butter sandwich cookie. I can't wait til I get try one of those!!
I sure hope everyone enjoyed their Goodie Exchange treats as much as we did. Thanks again Butchy and Snickers AND to Chef and Mr. T-Bone Beasley for coming up with the idea!

Happy husky howls to all,
Skye and all the Moondance Huskies


Haa Roo Everypup!!!
First of all, I want to thank Rocky and Sitka for "checking" on me. Everything is OK here. Mom's back was hurting her, so she was not able to sit at the computer and take my dictation. Also the weather here has been horrible! Very hot and then constant rain! Our Goodie Exchange package arrived safely, but Mom would not let me open it until ALL of us could enjoy it. And yesterday was that day! Our Aunt Kat gave out the treats so that Mom could take pictures. The first picture is of me sampling a yummy beef strip from Butchy & Snickers' package. There were all kinds of cookies and a really nice card from them. The next picture is Aunt Kat with Lakota. See how nicely we take cookies?

Next up is Angel gently taking a Paul Newman chicken flavored cookie. The last picture is Blaze. As you can see, he is trying VERY hard to help Aunt Kat decide which kind of cookie he should sample. He thought that if he did a nice "sit" he would get more than one! LOL!
Mom got a few more pictures, but the site only let us put four of them up. We will try to do a "Part 2" with those pictures.
Butchy and Snickers, THANK WOOO so much for the yummy goodies! We will be enjoying them for some time! We really enjoyed being part of the Goodie Exchange and hope we get to do it again.
Also I will certainly try to make sure Mom gets back to posting as close to daily as possible.
Thank you all my DWB friends!!!
Love & Happy howls,
Skye and all the Moondance Huskies