Saturday, February 9, 2013

So we got some snow.......

Hi Everyone!
I am sure you have all heard that we had a heck of a snowstorm yesterday. We were very fortunate that we did not ever lose power, so we were nice and warm and safe. Mom put most of the team in the basement last night...except for Jasmine...she got to have a special place on the porch!

Today, Mom and Auntie Kat went out to start digging out.  The main thing was to get the kennel open so we could get the dogs back outside.  There has been a lot of drifing as you can see...drifts up the side of mom's truck as high as the dog boxes.

 Here is a picture of Mom and Jasmine.  You can see how high the snow is!
 This is Sugar, looking happy to be back outside.  She is already opening up her space by running around.  She even sat up on barrel!
 Mom got a really good picture of Lilly! Mom was watching her play in the snow and wished she could have gotten a pic of her with the silly look on her face that she had after she snootered around in the snow!
Another shot of our truck with the drifts.  Mom called the plow guy and he can't come until tomorrow and said the he will have to use a snow blower because there is too much snow to plow and there is nowhere to put it!  Mom is hoping she won't have to use the roof rake (or ask one of the neighbor's sons to do it!) , but we DO have one!   Mom will be taking more pictures tomorrow and I will try to share them. 
  Also...I am SOOO late, but Pippa, my darling! Happy Belated Birthday!!!  And  an early Happy Valentine's Day my Love!
  Hope everyone who got snow has stayed safe. Don't let your humans shovel too much. Make sure they take breaks. 

From snowed in Connecticut,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Fur Race is "ON"!

Ha rooo my friends!
You may be wondering...What fur race?  Well, my kitty brofur OJ and our friend Sherman from Key West Collies both got some of their fur shaved about the same time.  Now they are having a race to see who grows the fur back first!
 So here are some pictures of OJ showing his progress.  His big scar has healed up really nicely and his fur is about 1/2 inch long.  He is still a little gimpy on that leg sometimes, but he is moving around really well.  His favorite spot is of course Mom's lap (especially when she is on the computer!). So who do you think is winning the race?  Sherman has a picture up on their blog--

We also want to add our thoughts and prayers to the many being sent to the families of the children and teachers who were senselessly murdered in Newtown, CT.  The mom of one of the little boys works in the same building where my mom works.  Our hearts go out to all of them.

Praying for the new angels,

Friday, November 2, 2012

My Dad Dave

 Hello my dear furriends,
    As many of you know from fb and from my friends Essex and Sherman's lovely post ( ), my wonderful, gentle and strong dad dog, Dave passed away suddenly on Tues. Oct 30.  He was not sick. He was 13 1/2 years old.  Mom went out to the kennel to feed everypup supper and thought he was sleeping. He had pulled some hay out of his barrel and was lying down.  Mom was heartbroken to find that he had passed away while he was sleeping, probably an hour or so before Mom got home.  Mom brought him up on the enclosed porch because it had started to rain, then she let me come out to say good bye to him.  Mom said that he will be returning to us in a week or so in a very special box called an urn.  All of us are missing Dave very, very much. Mom says he was gentle strength, her protecter and the "center" of our kennel. I will try my best to help Mom and do the jobs that Dave did. I think we will all try.  Lakota is already trying to tell the other girl dogs that now he will watch over them. 
   I want to share some of my favorite pictures of Dave with you.

This was taken at an event in Willimantic a few yrs ago. That's my dad Dave in lead with Jasmine and me running in wheel.
These pictures were taken this March in Simsbury at a school demo at our FAVORITE elementary school! Again, my dad Dave in lead, this time with Lilly and with me working hard in wheel.  My dad started out running wheel for Mom. Then she found out that he ran great
in lead! After that, he got to run in lead almost as much as he did in wheel! He was amazing.  Everyone loved him, even  though many people would laugh at first when they found out his name was Dave. 
He was a rescue from Vermont. He came to live here in July 2002. Mom said she could always count on him whether it was to make new dogs feel welcome, be a good example at any kind of demo, or be the hardest working dog in her team.  She knew that he would not be running in the team anymore because of his age and told me that she was going to find it really hard to be out on the trail without him in the team.  Now we know his spirit will be running with us.
     This picture is Dave and his girlfriend, Jasmine. She is missing him a lot, so Mom has been giving her lots of extra attention.
My sweet dad Dave--wear your silver harness with pride and run North of the Rainbow Bridge! I know we will see it flashing in the light of every full moon. We will never forget you, Dave, and we know we will be reunitied with you someday! Know that we will always love you!
With love,

Saturday, October 27, 2012

OJ and Sandy

 Greetings my friends!  
         My kitty brofur OJ is spending some time at our V-E-T's office.  He somehow managed to fracture his left femur just above his knee.  The V-E-T said it is an "impact" injury, so that means he landed wrong when he jumped off of something.  You can see the fracture here.
 The way to fix this is surgery.  Mom said it looked like Home Depot in the surgery room.  There was a power drill, metal rods and wire cutters! Here is OJ just before surgery started.  His new haircut makes him look like a POODLE!!
After the doctor put the metal pins in, they took an x-ray to make sure the pins were in the right place.  Everything was perfect, so OJ got stitched up and brought to a cage with a nice soft blanket to wake up.
 OJ was a bit tipsy when he first woke up, then was licking at his incision site. Well, you all know what THAT meant..... THE CONE!!!!!
He is doing much better today and may be coming home tomorrow. Mom thinks that would be a good idea because on Monday, we are supposed to get hit by Hurrycane Sandy. 
   This is really weird...we had a hurrycane last year and a freaky snow storm at this exact same time of year!  If we lived in Key West like our friends Essex and Sherman, having these storms would make more sense! Oh well, Mom says we will be ready and the tie outs will be ready in the cellar so the whole team can indoors and safe. 
  To all my friends who are also in the path of the storm, please be careful and stay safe! 

Paws crossed for everyone's safety,

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day,Gotcha Days,Memories and News

Happy Memorial Day Everypup!
 On this special day, let's all remember all the servicemen and women who have served our country, protecting and preserving our freedom. Thank you to all of you...those currently serving, veterans, service DOGS, and those who gave their lives for us.
 Memorial Day week is special here.  In 2005, Angel and Lakota came to live here. They were rescued from an abuse situation.  In January of this year, our sweet Angel left us to run North of the Rainbow Bridge. She was almost 15 years old. The first picture is one of her taken in December.

 This is Lakota.  He came to live with us at the same time as Angel.  He didn't like being out in the old kennel, but when mom moved the kennel closer to the house, he decided it was GREAT being in there with his girlfriends! 
 Now for the first part of our news.....I have TWO NEW SISFURS!! They traveled all the way from Fairbanks, Alaska to live here.  They arrived on May 22. This is Sugar and she is going to be our new lead dog.   
....and if you have Sugar, you have to have...SPICE!!  Spice came into the shelter with Sugar (these are the new names mom gave them) and they are best friends. Both of them are very friendly and like all of our pack.  I got some pics from when they were in Alaska and will share those in another post. 
Now I have some wonderful personal news... my darling Pippa and I are ENGAGED!!  We don't have a wedding date set but I will keep you all posted.  I am thrilled that he accepted my proposal because he is the love of my life! 

Last of all, I want to share this sign that mom saw on the way to Boston to pick up Sugar and Spice.  TICKS are everywhere and we need to make sure our humans check us and themselves for these nasty critters.  My Pippa got VERY sick from tick bites last year and we don't want any of our friends to go through that.
Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful holiday and be sure to thank a soldier or a veteran for their service.  

Bows to all service people and dogs,

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Hi everypup & khat!
Today is February 29 and this is a day that only happens every four years! Isn't that neat? For all you girl pups, did you know that you can propose to your beloved because it is a leap year?
I found that out and I did propose to my darling Pippa. He has a new link to his blog-- He has been sharing some really great pictures of where he lives in Gibraltar.
In my last post, I mentioned that I had a new sisfur. Yesterday was exactly one year since she came to live here. Her name is Lilly and she came here from Alaska. Sometimes mom calls her "silly Lilly" because she likes to jump up on her barrel. She really loves running in our team and is really friendly.
We had something really weird happen awhile back. A huge hot air balloon landed across the street from our house!! Mom thinks it was trying to make it to the field at the high school one more street over, but it just couldn't make it.
Another thing I told you last time was that I have two new kittens. Well, mom was not totally right (what a surprise!). Both of them are BOY cats! They are getting big. They both like me a lot. This is OJ with a mouse (hee hee)
This is Latte. Mom says he has a shot of espresso/jet fuel. He runs around like his tail is on fire.
As many of you know from fb, we lost Angel in January. I will be doing a tribute post to her very soon. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers.
We are going to be doing a school demo this Friday or next depending on the weather. We actually got some snow today, but it is turning to yucky slush. I am sure mom will bring the flashy beast with her (if she remembers to buy batteries) so I will have some pictures to share.
Enjoy Leap Day and Pippa, I love you, darling!!
Leaping for joy,

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hi Everyone and Merry Christmas!
I am so happy to be back to blogging and what better way than to be able to wish all my DWB friends Happy Holidays!
This is our Christmas tree. Mom had to set it up on the back porch. You will understand why later in this post. She did a nice job decorating it and even put pink lights on it.
This morning Mom gave me my presents. I got a really cool stuffy toy. I think it looks a little bit like my darling Pippa! Speaking of my darling Pippa, I want to wish you and extra special Merry Christmas. I hope you got some extra toast with butter and other wonderful stuff.
I also got a nice new big dog bed, but somehow the picture just disappeared! Mom took our truck to the car wash yesterday and gave it a bath. She also decorated it with a really cool bow.
Now I can tell you why we had to put our tree out on the porch. First I must tell you that my mostest favoritest kitty pal Misty went to the Rainbow Bridge in September and I have been missing her a lot. Well, now I have TWO new kitties to play with! This one is Latte and mom thinks Latte is a little boy cat. Mom is not too smart on that so she will find out for sure on Tuesday when she takes them to the V-E-T for their kitten checkup and shots.
This is my other new kitty and this one is named OJ. Mom thinks it is a girl kitty. Mom thinks she looks like an orange creamsicle, but that is too much name for a little kitty, so she decided on OJ.
They are really cute but they are definitely into EVERYTHING! They are not even afraid of ANYTHING! My very old sisfur Angel is in the house because she is very weak because of her very old age(14) but mom keeps the kittens away from her "just in case". We could use some prayers for Angel.
We got to go for a short run two weeks ago and I got to run lead with my dad dog Dave. I have a new sisfur--she came to live with us March 1 all the way from Alaska. She ran in the team and did really good. Wow! we have a lot to catch up on! But for today, enjoy a special day with your furry brothers and sisters and your human pawrents and share some extra love with everyone!
Love to all my dear friends!