Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Hi everypup & khat!
Today is February 29 and this is a day that only happens every four years! Isn't that neat? For all you girl pups, did you know that you can propose to your beloved because it is a leap year?
I found that out and I did propose to my darling Pippa. He has a new link to his blog-- He has been sharing some really great pictures of where he lives in Gibraltar.
In my last post, I mentioned that I had a new sisfur. Yesterday was exactly one year since she came to live here. Her name is Lilly and she came here from Alaska. Sometimes mom calls her "silly Lilly" because she likes to jump up on her barrel. She really loves running in our team and is really friendly.
We had something really weird happen awhile back. A huge hot air balloon landed across the street from our house!! Mom thinks it was trying to make it to the field at the high school one more street over, but it just couldn't make it.
Another thing I told you last time was that I have two new kittens. Well, mom was not totally right (what a surprise!). Both of them are BOY cats! They are getting big. They both like me a lot. This is OJ with a mouse (hee hee)
This is Latte. Mom says he has a shot of espresso/jet fuel. He runs around like his tail is on fire.
As many of you know from fb, we lost Angel in January. I will be doing a tribute post to her very soon. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers.
We are going to be doing a school demo this Friday or next depending on the weather. We actually got some snow today, but it is turning to yucky slush. I am sure mom will bring the flashy beast with her (if she remembers to buy batteries) so I will have some pictures to share.
Enjoy Leap Day and Pippa, I love you, darling!!
Leaping for joy,


jacko said...

Happy Leap Day! Do you enjoy this day? those kitties looks lovely on their photos :)

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NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Wet snow is better than NO snow!

Just sayin'

PeeEssWoo: Love the tasty new snakhks!

Blu on Wheels said...

Whoo Hooo Skye!!! I love the pictures!!!!

Unknown said...

Happy leapy day, I hope that you enjoy this year with your family and paw friends :)

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