Thursday, April 23, 2009

True Colours Thursday--RUST

Haa rooo everypup, kitty & hammie!
I'm back after letting Lakota do our post yesterday. Today is True Colours Thursday and today's color is RUST! I COULD have put pictures of mom's truck up today, but I decided to be nice and skip most of the RUSTY things. However, I did have to include one. The latch pins on the dog boxes are RUST. Don't worry, they are weathered, but perfectly safe for us. Mom would not have it any other way! That box happens to be Lakota's! My favorite music to listen to when we are travelling is Loreena McKennitt. The package from one of her cd's is RUST colored. This happens to be one of my favorite cd's. I paw at mom & give her that "look" to get her to play this music any time I am in the truck with her. haa rooo!
Before Auntie Kat left, she gave mom a special present...and it is this purse. And lo & behold, it is RUST colored! Thanks for helping us out, Auntie Kat!

I saved the cutest RUST thing for last. Mom has a "Autumn" teddy bear, and she is wearing a dress with LOTS of RUST colored leaves & flowers and even has RUST leaves in her basket! Isn't she pretty? Mom keeps her well out of my reach. I wonder why????? hee hee

Well, other than mom's RUSTY truck, that's all I could find nice in RUST to share with all of you. Next week is RAINBOW. Oh my! I better start hunting around NOW!!
Thanks for sharing True Colours Thursday with me!
Play bows,


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

And those RUSTS were grrreat!


Life With Dogs said...

This is a fun one - I'm not sure I could come up with much for rusty colored items!

Biloxi and Siber-sibs said...

If I sniff around I guessin' I could find lots of rust round my house. Specially da basement!

Husky kisses,