Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Barkday Party Pictures

Hi Everypup,kitty & hammie!
I promised you more pictures from my barkday party--so here they are! Mom had to be really fast to get a picture of each of us before we finished our portion of that yummy cake!
The first pup here is Velvet. She is definitely an "eager eater" and polished her cake off VERY quickly!

Next up is my handsome daddy dog, Dave! He especially enjoyed the STEAK part of the cake.

Here is Angel! She looks like mom surprised her with the flashy thing on the camera! Don't worry, she did not let it deter her from enjoying her special treat!
Miss Jasmine LOVED this! Can you tell??? She was looking for more! haa roo!
This is Blaze, digging right in! Sometimes he is a slower eater, but not with this!
Here is Angel again...she actually STOLE Dave's dish and brought it way over by her house so she could lick it clean! He did not eat all of his mashed potatoes, but there was not a single MORSEL left when Angel got done with the dish! hee hee!
Lakota can be a VERY fussy eater, but in this picture, he is enjoying his SECOND PORTION of my cake! Can you believe it? He just LOVED it!
Last of all, here I am. After all, you have to clean up after a party, right? So I am doing my job, cleaning the dish thoroughly! Mom said I did a really good job! I can't wait til she makes that kind of cake again for the NEXT dog's barkday!
Play bows,


Lacy said...

w00f's, wow, u pups sure looked like u enjoyed ur cake..mama didnt make me one, badddd mama...

b safe,

Snowball said...

Yumm... my keyboard is now flooded with my saliva... Can I have some of it too?


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


That was khwite the pawty!

The foodstuffs look pawtastikh!