Monday, February 23, 2009

More trail pictures

Hi Everypup, Kittie & Hammie!
Awhile ago I promised you some more pictures from our snow run. This team is my daddy dog Dave in lead on the left, Jasmine in lead on the right and ME in wheel! We love running this trail with mom. It has some hills which are a little work going up, but WOW are they fun going down!!
You can see what a nice day it was and how be-WOOOtiful this trail is! Can't you just imagine being out there running too?
Did you notice that all of us have our ears facing back? We do that so we can hear Mom when she talks to us or gives us commands. She can tell right away if there is something "distracting" ahead of us on the trail if our ears suddenly swing forward!
She gets her foot on the brake right away if she
sees that! You can also see that we keep our tug lines nice and tight. That means all our power is going to the sled.
The last picture is after our run. We are back at the area where we set up and are reunited with rest of our group. They had their run earlier. Mom had already taken their harnesses off so they could totally relax. We just got our water and will get our harnesses off shortly.
All of our wonderful snow is pretty much gone now...yes, the snow thief hit here too. Right now, we have ice on the trails, so we have not even been able to go running with the wheeled rig.
We are hoping the trail conditions will improve so we can get some more running in before it gets too warm!
Hope you enjoyed your dog sled ride with us!
Husky howls & doing a snow dance,


Snowball said...

You look like a bunch of huskies going on a long distance journey. Do you think your mom can go touring around with you pups pulling the sled with her on it?


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

That sooooo looks like fun!


Painter Pack said...

The fun woo can have in snow!!! So wonderful!!!! Woo Woo Woo!!!

Mya Boo Boo